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We started with a number of still photos that showed a progression of growth and support. This blended into video of each young daughter simply answering a question: "So, why do you love Mom?"

The words were straight from the heart, and combined with thoughtful editing and touching music, the video conveyed the heartfelt message the family wanted to give Mom on her special day.

We can do the same for you. Simply select some of your favorite family photos (can be hard copy or online), we'll line up family members to interview, and we're off!

A Tribute to Mom

The best response we could have expected from Mom would have been tears of joy. Little did we know that our goal would be met 30 seconds into the video!

Imagine giving the gift of a thoughtful video that someone can watch again and again!

Picture a video that begins with:

Mother's Day
“Mom, you’ve always been there for us, always with a kind word, a piece of wisdom, or a special ‘just because' gift. Well Mom, now it’s time for us to do something special for you.”

Family Gathering
Our family is a community in and of itself! Five kids, each one special in their own  way. Eight PERFECT grand kids…”

Father's Day
When it comes to Dad, he’s the rock of the family…but he's got a soft side too…”

Veteran's Day
Grandpa, throughout your career within the U.S. Marine Corp, you’ve dedicated your life to protecting the freedom of others. The following video is a tribute to your life and a BIG thank you from your family, friends, and country.”

Over the last 28 years, Margaret has been an important member of this company’s ‘family. It’s hard to believe that she’s retiring. Here are just a few people who would like to wish Margaret the best.”

A tribute or legacy video is a unique way to honor someone, and to have it last a lifetime in video.

How many times have you played back in your

mind a compliment that someone gave you?