Liberty Mutual Insurance in Bethel, CT worked with All-Star Driver driving school to offer additional insurance discounts to new drivers and their families. We produced the following co-branded video that is now available on the businesses' websites, and will be shared through social media.

Following the opening night performance of a theatrical production in Newtown CT, we were asked to interview members of the audience as they departed the theater. The  goal was to capture the exuberance and excitement of the night.

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Internal Messaging

Are you looking for buy-in from employees on some big changes? Use video to communicate important messages that effect the entire organization. Get the faces of your executives in front of everyone as opposed to an email or paper notice.

DIY Instructional Videos

Show the do-it-yourselfer how to do simple tasks while advertising your own business and services for the repairs that need a pro.

Trade Show Opinions

We can interview your clients at trade shows to get their opinions on your products or services.

Video makes things happen . . .

Video use has grown . . .

Computer-based Video Consumption Climbed 157% in the Past Five Years - Feb. 14, 2014
157% growth for five years through Q2 2013 in terms of computer-based video consumption. Mobile users spend 59% more time watching video on their mobile devices….
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Businesses large and small  use video to communicate effectively to customers and employees.

There are many ways to promote your business with video:

Highlight Your Business

Start with dynamic video shots of your location inside and out with stills of your products, and video testimonials of your most satisfied customers.

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Audience Opinion Counts ... A Lot


B2B Meets Co-Branding

Highlight Your Culture

Interview employees for their perspective on why they like to

work for your company. Highlight their volunteerism in the

community and your support of philanthropy.

Videotape a Guest Speaker

Capture an event to post on your website or Intranet for all

to see (and share).

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